‘Gilwunpa’ Brisbane’s 21st City Cat

Norman R. Wright and Sons are proud to announce the launch of the company’s 13th City Cat built for the City of Brisbane.

The 25mtr cat is the 21st for the city and following tradition has been named using the Indigenous name for the Brisbane suburb of “Nundah”.

It is Brisbane City Council’s 21st CityCat to hit the river and will remain decorated with the netball team’s colours for the next three years.

Captain Laura Geitz said it is a wonderful opportunity for the sport and the team to connect with the community.

“For us, the Queensland Firebirds, it is great exposure and a wonderful way for the residents of Brisbane and the broader community to know the Firebirds a little better,” she said.

“We are so happy to be finishing at the top of the ladder after the roads and the home and away season.”

The team will face either West Coast Fever or the Sydney Swifts on Sunday night in Boondall.

“We need all of Queensland behind us and cheering for us,” she said.

“We have goals to keep winning … we want to make netball the biggest sport here in Queensland for females.”

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said it is a unique way to support the winning team.

“The 21st CityCat ferry will remain in the colours as a way to show Brisbane how much we get behind the Queensland Firebirds,” he said.

Cr Quirk said the 25-metre CityCat would be the first of nine proposed themed ferries to be rolled out in the future.

“Our plan is to add new vibrant designs for the Brisbane Broncos, Queensland Reds, Brisbane Lions, Brisbane Roar, Queensland Bulls and Brisbane International Tennis,” he said.

The CityCat has been named Gilwunpa, continuing the tradition of naming the ferries after Brisbane suburbs in Indigenous languages; Gilwunpa translates to Nundah.

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