Pilot Boats

Malu Mai

Malu Mai 161Launched in September 2012, this 14.2m Pilot Boat was designed & built by Norman R. Wright & Sons for the Australian Reef Pilots (ARP) for its pilotage operations from the Port of Cairns.
The second of Norman Wright and Son’s 14.2m range of pilot vessels, the ‘Malu Mai’ is constructed of durable epoxy FRP, making the vessel ideal for the “short and sharp” seas off Queensland’s coast.


SkirmishSkirmish was the first of the current series of 14.2m Pilot vessels designed and built by Norman R. Wright & Sons. Launched in April 2012 for the Brisbane Marine Pilots, Skirmish now operates out of Mooloolaba and has continued to demonstrate the high level of predictability and reliablilty that it demonstrated during its pre-launch trials.