Other Specialities

Norman R. Wright & Sons continues to diversify our capabilities ensuring that we remain competitive in the ever changing boat building industry. While the build & repair of commercial & pleasure vessels are a main focus for our business, we are also passionate about a number of other speciality projects.


“Eco Casa” House Project

Ian Wright has a particular interest in sustainable products. In conjuction with a supplier on the Gold Coast, Norman R. Wrights recently launched a ‘green’ composite material for the building industry.

Originally looking for a sustainable product to build  “green” boats, Ian had the idea that the material would also be ideal for use in the housing industry. Construction of a demonstration house has just commenced, providing an exciting few months ahead for Ian as this ground-breaking project continues. The idea was also recognised when the company was acknowledged in the 2012 Brisbane Innovation Scorecard.

Brisbane Innovation Scorecard 2012


Model Boats

The design, building & racing of model boats has been a passion and successful past time of the Wright family over many generations. With a number of National and State Championships under our belt, our model boats (see below) have proved their worth.

10 Rater

A Class




Custom Built Dinghies & Speedboats


Clinker Classic 11’6

Fast Fishing

Work boat dinghy 14′ and 16′

Small yacht tender 10’6


20′ Speedboat