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Queensland’s Longest Serving Boat Builder Launches Partnership to Electrify Brisbane’s City Cat Ferries for the 2032 Olympic Games.

Brisbane, Queensland — 13/07/2023

Queensland boat designer and builder Norman Wright & Sons and leading maritime electric design and technology business, EV Maritime, are excited to announce a strategic partnership focused on the electrification of Brisbane’s iconic City Cat Ferries.

The collaboration will combine Norman Wright & Sons renowned 114-year legacy in boat design and building here in Queensland, with EV Maritime’s leading expertise in decarbonising the inshore maritime sector. Together, they will promote the local manufacture of electric, zero emission ferries tailored specifically to Brisbane’s waterways.

With its shipyard based on the banks of the Brisbane River for more than a century, Norman Wright & Sons have a proud history with the city and the vessels that use the river.  

“We built the Gen2 and Gen 3 City Cats and we know the one thing almost every visitor does when they come to Brisbane is go for a ride on a ferry,” said Norman Wright & Sons’ Managing Director, Tony Riek.

“Understanding the significance of this experience, it is paramount that when visitors arrive for the 2032 Olympic Games, their ferry ride is on a vessel that is zero emissions, and free from diesel pollution. And that is why we have teamed up with EV Maritime,” said Mr Riek.

Globally recognised as specialists in electrifying inshore maritime vessels, EV Maritime is currently spearheading a $34 million contract to roll-out fully electric fast ferries for the city of Auckland, in New Zealand. Each ferry is capable of carrying 200 passengers and delivering high frequency public transport services at the same speeds as the current diesel fleet.

“EV Maritime are committed to ensuring that Brisbane’s City Cat Ferries become a shining example of sustainable transportation, leaving a positive environmental legacy for future generations,” said EV Maritime’s CEO, Michael Eaglen.

“We are excited by this collaboration with Norman Wright & Sons, and we want to create a vision for Brisbane’s public transport that is fit for the future,” said Mr Eaglen.

In the coming weeks, the partnership will release a detailed blueprint outlining a feasible pathway to transitioning Brisbane’s ferry service to an all-electric, zero emissions fleet. This blueprint will include the following action items and timeline:

  1. Feasibility Study: Conduct a study to assess the technical, operational, and economic feasibility of electrifying the City Cat Ferries.
  2. Design and Engineering: Collaborate on the design and engineering of electric, zero emissions ferries tailored specifically to Brisbane’s waterways.
  3. Manufacturing Plan: Develop a plan for local manufacturing, ensuring high-quality construction and adherence to sustainability standards.
  4. Announce a feasible timeline for fleet electrification to gradually replace existing diesel-powered ferries with electric, zero emissions ferries, targeting a fully electrified fleet in time for the 2032 Olympics.

By electrifying the City Cat Ferries, Norman Wright & Sons and EV Maritime aim to create a global showcase of sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation.

“When the world is watching Brisbane in 2032, we want them to see and ride on ferries that are cleaner, quieter, more reliable and healthier for the environment, and that is what an all-electric ferry delivers,” said Norman Wright & Son’s Mr Riek. 

Norman Wright & Sons and EV Maritime applaud Brisbane City Council’s vision for a zero-emissions transport network for Brisbane, and are excited to work with the local community, government agencies, and stakeholders to make it a reality.

“Together, we hope to create the pathway for a world-class fleet that showcases the importance of sustainable public transport and leaves a lasting impact on the city’s transportation infrastructure,” said EV Maritime’s Michael Eaglen.

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