Experience and aptitude ensure Lumark are leaders in their field.

Lumark Pty Ltd provides exceptional stainless steel, aluminium and steel fabrication services to the marine and building industries.

Lumark Pty Ltd provides exceptional stainless steel, aluminium and steel fabrication services to the marine and building industries. A love of boats, quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, enables them to solve even the most challenging fabrication problems to meet individual requirements, design and vision. Using only the highest quality marine grade materials, they take pride in their work and strive for durability, performance and style. Marine fabrication is performed in their workshop at the The Yard on the Brisbane River. Their team of dedicated, highly qualified and experienced staff, follow through from the initial, design concept to finish and installation. They have the added ability of design management using straight forward 3D sketch and modelling software that assists in streamlining complex fabrication projects, assisting the client with a vision for the end result.

Lumark and Norman R. Wright & Sons QA – Mark Webb

How long have you worked with Norman R. Wright & Sons?

Lumark has been involved with NRW for approx. 10 years.

Where or how did the original relationship develop?

I worked for a company before I created Lumark that did some projects for them, and I have known people from NRW over the years as I did my boat building trade with some of their apprentices 30 years ago (I did my boat building apprenticeship with Lloyds Ships).

Lumark are one of the longest serving suppliers of Norman R Wright & Sons, why do you think that’s the case?

We have similar objectives regarding quality workmanship also producing practical ideas that fit the style of the vessel.

What do you and your team enjoy most about working with Norman Wrights?

NRW and Lumark understand each other’s expertise and help each other in this process to achieve the best outcomes for our respective clients.

Why do you think Norman Wrights have remained successful in business for so long?

Quality workmanship, always working on and building a great team.

What would be one of the highlight projects you have collaborated on and why?

The recent Game Fishing boat ‘Aura’ for its stainless steel work, we always enjoy the opportunity to fabricate challenging and beautiful work.

Building the new aluminium Police barge with NRW was also a fantastic achievement and testament to both companies working great together.

Lumark Background – If others believe it “can’t be done”, Mark and the team will find a way to build it.

Mark Webb began his career with Lloyds Ships in 1984. With a passion for the industry, he went on to hone his skills in metal fabrication and head that division of a large boat building company in Queensland. Mark founded Lumark Pty Ltd in 2007 as has forged his standing as one of the leading marine fabricators in Australia.

Including Paul Sloper as Lumark’s Workshop Manager, Mark has built a talented team that uphold his commitment to providing their clients with an exceptional finish. The team at Lumark continually excel in meeting their client’s needs for premium fabrication work. With many and varied capabilities, they not only supply the marine industry but apply this quality to architectural applications within the building industry.

For more information visit https://lumark.com.au.

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