Kala Venturer Returns

Kala Venturer Returns

Timeless and elegant lady Kala Venturer was recently back in our yard for some annual maintenance and general TLC. Her works included the annual antifoul, general touch up of the paintwork, replacement of a couple of garboard planks and a review of the major refit works undertaken in 2019. We had the opportunity to catch up with her owner John to see how everything has been travelling since their last visit.

What specific works were undertaken with this visit?

Besides the annual maintenance requirements the team at Wright’s checked over the planking, caulking and seams, all the general items that we keep on top of, and while she was out of the water they also did a full check of the engineering elements that we undertook during the 2019 refit and followed up during last year’s annual service.

During the major refit the guys from Wrights and Baddileys worked together to replace metal shaft bearings for new composite bearings and the results have been fantastic. Although we had very little vibration prior to the new bearings, we now basically have none at all. Kala runs so smoothly and quietly and I put a lot of it down to the new equipment but I also put it down to the attention to detail and the intricate works undertaken by the Wrights/Baddiley teams. They took the recent opportunity while Kala was out of the water to go over all the refit works again, and to check all was running and operating as it should be, their care and attention to detail is first class. They simply have the care factor. It gives you so much confidence as an owner.

Where are you off to next?

We’ll be heading north soon and will make our way up to the Whitsundays and maybe a bit further north. After that we’ll make our way back down the coast and home to Tassie by about November.

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