Kyle Lauman

Team Member Profile – Kyle Lauman – Senior Leading Hand

How long have you been at Norman R Wright & Sons?

I’ve been at NRW for 27 years, straight out of school. A Teacher at school was a boat builder and it really took my interest when talking to him. I heard about a Boat Building Apprenticeship at Norman Wrights so I applied, alongside my Brother Ian, and we both started pretty much straight away.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

There is just so much variety in what we do, there’s always something different, and you’re doing something different every day. The Boat Building trade also gives you so many and varied skills that you can use in such a variety of roles, but also skills you can use outside work. I also really enjoy working with the Apprentices and seeing them develop this skills.

How have you seen the business change over the years?

When I first started all of our work revolved around timber. These days we’re working more with composites, pre-made panels and there’s a lot more stainless steel used these days. The trade processes have changed as well, with a lot of efficiencies, but we’re also known for having a team that can still undertake traditional boat building skills, particularly when it comes to timber.

What has been your most enjoyable or memorable project?

There are so many but working Whistler really is a highlight for me. I had a lot to do with her, from fitout, to teak decking, and what’s great is I still work on Whistler today.

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