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We are a leader in the supply and support of Innovative Marine Equipment throughout Australasia. Our MISSION is to fulfil our customers' needs with an ultimate solution delivering exceptionally high-end products, integrated systems, and outstanding customer service.

Ultimate Marine Power have a dedicated focus on the needs and aspirations of their clients, developing intelligent solutions using only the best products and integrated systems. Commercial and luxury requirements are all customized to suit the specific characteristics of each vessel through accurate planning and devotion to quality. Because they plan, supply, install and maintain marine equipment, you can rest assured you’re always in capable hands.   

Ultimate Marine Power has a comprehensive client list of leading marine operators, government departments, manufacturers and distributors throughout Australia and abroad. Their constant pursuit of perfection drives their team to research and develop new methods and systems to ensure their clients get the Ultimate result for their vessel.

They are pleased to be able to offer the following international marine brands: Humphree Trim and Stabilisation solutions,  Marine Jet Power Waterjets, Veth Propulsion, Carlisle and Finch Searchlights, Speich Wipers, Kahlenberg Horns, Simrad and much, much more. ​

Ultimate Marine Power and Norman R. Wright & Sons QA – Dave Murray, Founder & Director.

How long have you worked with Norman R. Wright & Sons?
Approximately 22 years.

Where or how did the original relationship develop?
My father had a very long term relationship with Norman R Wright and Sons, so from a very young age, I was lucky enough to be involved with some of their projects and sea trials. Norman R Wright and Sons inspired me to start my own business.

Ultimate Marine Power are a long serving supplier of Norman R Wright & Sons, why do you think that’s the case?
I believe Norman R Wright and Sons are a very loyal company, who like to build a team of regular stable suppliers around them. If you are fortunate enough to be involved in a project with NRW, it is something to be proud of. You always try to do your best and keep the standard high.

What do you and your team enjoy most about working with Norman Wrights?
On a daily basis, the team at Ultimate Marine Power enjoy working with the people at Norman R Wright and Sons. There is so much experience and knowledge within the organisation and the staff have a great attitude. I have been lucky enough to work in ship yards all over the world and there is a uniqueness at NRW, where the employees are not just workers, but craftsmen who take pride in what they do. I think that this stems right from the top of the organisation, because at the end of the day, the Wright family literally put their name on what they build. Some people consider NRW as an old yard, which I believe is a huge strength, where years of combined experience is regular producing vessels that are built using the latest designs and technology. This cannot be developed overnight, but after 110 years, there are tremendous resources at NRW that can be utilised in refining the design and build process even further.

Why do you think Norman Wrights have remained successful in business for so long?
They are honest, take pride in what they do and know what they are talking about. As a NRW customer, as well as a supplier, I get to see both sides of the organisation. There are definitely “old school values” when doing business with NRW and I confidently recommend them to many of my customers. You can have complete confidence when dealing with NRW that the job will be done right and you can trust that they will be honest and open during the project.

What would be one of the highlight projects you have collaborated on and why?
Whistler is certainly a beautiful vessel, which we are very proud to be associated with. Everything about Whistler is right, from the styling, to the performance and fit out. The crew on board Whistler are always welcoming, experienced and extremely professional. Having said that, the highlights of working with NRW are when there is a project in its infancy and Bill invites you to look at the design. He always takes such pride in what he is doing and you can see he puts every bit of effort possible into using his skills and experience to design the best possible boat for the given purpose. Discussing the projects at this stage and then seeing it through to sea trials is really a highlight for me. There is something special about having lamingtons during builder’s trials out on Moreton Bay and knowing that Norman R Wright and Sons have done it again. Even if you are worried about trying not to make a mess with the loose coconut.

For more information about the products and services offered by Dave and the team at Ultimate Marine Power check out their website https://www.ultimatemarinepower.com.


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