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Anuha – A Skippers Perspective by James Andronicus

Anuha – A Skippers Perspective by James Andronicus

Leading big boat Skipper and Boat Manager James Andronicus from Nautical Dynamics is the current Skipper of Anuha and shares with us his thoughts on what a pleasure she is to manage and his experiences with Norman R. Wright & Sons boats.

What is your experience?

I’ve been a big boat Skipper and Manager on Sydney Harbour for 20 plus years, mostly working with owner drivers of 60-80 foot boats as well as general Skipper services.

How long have you been involved with Anuha?

I’ve been the Skipper and Manager of Anuha for 5 to 6 years in and around Sydney Harbour and from her home base on The Pittwater.

What do you enjoy most about looking after such a stunning boat?

Anuha is simply a beautiful boat, a modern classic. She is a pleasure to drive, at the same time her seaworthiness is incredible and fuel economy is great. She doesn’t require big horsepower to get moving cruising easily at 6-16 knots, hitting 21-22 knots if we need it. The timber superstructure looks great adjoining the white hull, she turns so many eyes on the Harbour.

You’ve Skippered a few NRW boats, what impresses you most about them?

I’m just so impressed with the versatility, from Pilot Boats to River Cats, recreational and commercial, they cover so many bases. NRW know how to build quality boats, designed well, built well, perform great and to Australian conditions.

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