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Carl Mackey and the team from Mackey Electrical have been working with us since the 80’s including the design, fitment, retrofit and servicing of electrical systems for a number of our key builds over the years. Carl and his team share a similar commitment to our business ensuring a seamless, professional and quality solution for each and every one of our clients.

Originally established by David Mackey in 1978, Mackey Electrical & Mechanical is, and always has been, a local family owned and operated business. In 1981, the business had to move to a larger location at 54 Taylor Street, thanks to a growing customer base thanks to excellent word of mouth referrals. In 1988, David’s son Carl joined him at the workshop, and eventually took over running of the business. At Mackey Electrical & Mechanical, they have a current staff of four, including mechanics and auto electricians. They take great pride in the experience provided to their valued customers, using only quality parts, while holding high standards of workmanship. They believe this is the key to their excellent local reputation.

Mackey Electrical and Norman R. Wright & Sons QA – Carl Mackey

How long have you worked with Norman R. Wright & Sons? 
We’ve been working with the team at NRW since the 80’s providing design, installation and service of electrical systems within their boats. We’ve had the honour of working on a number of their stunning boats including Laura J, Big Buddy and the Navigators.

Where or how did the original relationship develop? 
We used to be based next door to NRW when they were at Quay street back in 1978. Dad originally worked with Wrights at that time undertaking maintenance and refits of the builds at the time. Our partnership really grew from there to where we have worked on the electrical design and installation for Odern, the Navigators, the last 6-7 Pilot Boats, Skirmish in 2012 and many more.

Mackey Electrical are a long serving supplier of Norman R Wright & Sons, why do you think that’s the case? 
Both our businesses have a commitment to delivering a quality product, workmanship, limited warranty requirements, if there are any problems we fix them immediately. We also have great lines of communication with everyone in the business.

What do you and your team enjoy most about working with Norman Wrights? 
Everyone from the management team to the team on the floor are all great to work with, great communication and never any issues. Plus they provide a great workplace for us to work in, committed to OHS and workplace health and safety which is really important these days.

Why do you think Norman Wrights have remained successful in business for so long? 
The quality of the product they produce, its shown over time and time again. The boats just work, and you get longevity whether it’s a recreational or commercial boat.

What would be one of the highlight projects you have collaborated on and why? 
We did the original design and installation on Laura J in the 80’s, and then the refit in 2016. A real highlight to be involved in both her launch and then her refit, especially considering the refit was for the original owners. Odern was another highlight along with the Navigator series.

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