Team Member Profile – Tanya Crowe

Most of our team member profiles are all about the blokes in the business, the tradesmen on the floor who work tirelessly to create the wonderful projects we’re renowned for. We’re delighted to feature our Office Manager Tanya Crowe in this newsletter, one of the ladies in our team who is critical in ensuring our support systems keep our business flowing smoothly. 

Team Member Profile – Tanya Crowe – Office Manager

Can you tell us a little about your background?

My experience prior to NRW was working mainly for larger-scale corporations in the in the Retail, Hospitality and Financial Services Industries. After completing my Bachelor of Business with Griffith University in 2002 I worked across different departments within the Hotel Industry on the Gold Coast.

In 2004 I headed to Europe with my best friend on a working holiday. Yep, I was one of “those” many Aussie’s working in a London pub and I loved it. Seeing Europe ignited a massive passion for travel so I spent the next 4-5 years working to earn money to travel. In 2010 I needed a new challenge so I embarked on a career in financial services. Working with a large-scale superannuation company I was able to gain valuable knowledge but I soon realised that I needed greater variety in my role and so, I began my search for a position within a smaller business where I would feel that I made greater personal contribution. 

How long have you been at Norman R Wright & Sons and what does your day to day role involve?

I started with NRW in January 2012. I was initially a part-time accounts assistant helping out while Ryoko was on maternity leave. Luckily, due to some staff changes  I was able to continue after her return. At the moment, with just two of us in the office, I definitely get the variety in my day that I was craving when I started. My daily tasks can include everything and anything from accounts entry, project admin & reporting,  human resources, financial management and reporting. Oh, and of course not forgetting, keeping the guys in line!! 😊

How have you seen the business change since you’ve been at NRW?

I guess the biggest change in my time at NRW was the relocation from Bulimba to the Rivergate Precinct in 2017. Our facility at Rivergate Place has enabled the business greater exposure and we have grown at an astronomical rate.  

The Directors have worked tirelessly to maximising the business’ opportunities. This growth has allowed us to successfully navigate the year of COVID and in fact, make it one of our busiest years that I’ve experienced yet.

What has been the highlight of your career and your time at NRW?

Of course, witnessing the process from conceptual design through to launch day of any vessel is a highlight but probably my most favourite thing about my time here is the NRW team. Like every job, there are good days and bad days but we have a great team and being able to have a laugh with the people you work with really means a lot.

You get to have an at arms-length view of all of the projects the business works on, is there one project that really took your eye and why?

During my time at NRW I have been able to be a part of many outstanding commercial new build and refit projects including pilot boats, city cats and police barges. The design and construction of our 60’ game boat “Aura” probably stands out to me the most though as I feel it really showcased NRW’s passion for custom design and boat-building. Boats are an investment and boat owners are passionate so working with a client to achieve their vision is exciting and rewarding. 

What do you see as the benefits for clients who choose to build or undertake maintenance of their boat or custom timber construction projects with NRW?

In addition to our passion for custom design, our boat building tradesmen are some of the most highly skilled and experienced in the industry. They are passionate about achieving and maintaining the quality workmanship that NRW have been renowned for over past 111 years!

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